Book Review: Growing up Perempuan

The synopsis says it all, “Growing up as a woman is hard. Growing up as a woman in the Muslim community is harder.” Growing up Perempuan (as a woman) is an anthology written by Muslim women in Singapore. The women of this book suffered under suffocating patriarchal impositions, domestic and sexual violence, infertility, societal expectations, workplace discrimination, spiritual abuse, polygamy and dysfunctional family bonds. It was personally difficult for me to read this book in a single seating, only because the stories are heavy and hit too close to home. It made me wonder: “is this the state of my sisters today?” Continue reading “Book Review: Growing up Perempuan”

Bosnia: A linguistic reflection

3 years ago, I travelled to Bosnia by myself.

I took an 8 hour bus ride from Kotor, travelling through the North of Montenegro and the mountains of Eastern Europe to get to Sarajevo. As we got to Bosnia, the linguistic landscape of my surroundings changed. It became multilingual – yet, all these languages looked similar..

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