Books I will reread!

We’re three months into 2019! I thought this would have been enough time for me to reflect on the books I read back in 2018. I have explored many topics from anti-capitalism, environmental justice, career humanitarianism amongst many others. These are some of the books that some I have borrowed and later personally bought myselfContinue reading “Books I will reread!”

Book Review: Growing up Perempuan

The synopsis says it all, “Growing up as a woman is hard. Growing up as a woman in the Muslim community is harder.” Growing up Perempuan (as a woman) is an anthology written by Muslim women in Singapore. The women of this book suffered under suffocating patriarchal impositions, domestic and sexual violence, infertility, societal expectations,Continue reading “Book Review: Growing up Perempuan”

Curated Bookshelf: Singapore’s 53rd birthday

Some of my favorite publishing companies and bookstores often curate their bookshelves according to events or themes. Verso books and Haymarket books did a great curation and sale of books during the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the unjust treatment of the protestors as a form of urgent reading for those of us who areContinue reading “Curated Bookshelf: Singapore’s 53rd birthday”

Book review: Living with myths in Singapore

Singapore is a mythic nation. It is mythic in the sense that what Singaporeans take to be ‘reality’ and ‘common sense’ are in fact shaped by a group of myths. The popular idea that good, robust government policies are the main reason for Singapore’s success – and thus should remain mandatory – is an exampleContinue reading “Book review: Living with myths in Singapore”

Book Review: “Perempuan: Muslim Women in Singapore Speak out”

Perempuan: Muslim Women in Singapore Speak Out is the seminal project by the gender equality advocacy organization: AWARE Singapore. A first of its kind, this anthology provides a platform for Malay Muslim women to vocalize their experiences and struggles as an individual that embodies both of identities. The stories in this anthology are incredibly personal,Continue reading “Book Review: “Perempuan: Muslim Women in Singapore Speak out””

Book review: “Thomas Stamford Raffles: Schemer or Reformer?”

Singapore intends to commemorate (and by extension celebrate) the bicentennial anniversary of colonial rule. As of 2019, it would have been 200 years since the British landed on our shores and strongarmed the local rulers to sign an unjust treaty. The prime minister has stated that it is not a time to celebrate, but aContinue reading “Book review: “Thomas Stamford Raffles: Schemer or Reformer?””

Bosnia: A linguistic reflection

3 years ago, I travelled to Bosnia by myself. I took an 8 hour bus ride from Kotor, travelling through the North of Montenegro and the mountains of Eastern Europe to get to Sarajevo. As we got to Bosnia, the linguistic landscape of my surroundings changed. It became multilingual – yet, all these languages lookedContinue reading “Bosnia: A linguistic reflection”