In the day, I work on issues pertaining to code-switching functions, language use and language perception in the Malay community and Malay world. My previous research focused on the code-switching functions in Malay-English bilingual speakers in Singapore. I am interested in the ethnolinguistic diversity of a community and the linguistic variations of other Englishes. Through my research, I have been increasingly interested in the intersections of language, race, gender, identity and self-esteem in Singapore. My work has been published in magazines like Karyawan, online portals Beyond the Hijab, the book Growing up Perempuan and academic journals.

Firqin the book reviewer

As a hobby, I write book reviews on my Instagram page and extend the discussions to my own personal lived reality. This is my way of processing the concepts that I have learnt or have found interesting and important enough to share. Longer reviews can be found on Goodreads and my website. 

If you are interested in reading mini, short reviews feel free to visit my Instagram page. I have worked with local writers, and large publishing companies and I am open to review new non-fiction books that touch on pertinent social issues (such as feminism, gender, race, capitalism, inequality, class etc.) on my blog or Instagram page. You can reach out to me to collaborate here.