Firqin. She/her.

Hello! My name is Firqin (Fee-r-Keen).

I am a writer, researcher, programs manager, facilitator, book club founder, delegate for US-ASEAN Women’s Leadership Academy, and many more.

I am interested in anthropological linguistics and gender. Through my research, I have been increasingly interested in the intersections of language, race, gender, identity and self-esteem in Singapore.

My personal interests, outside of linguistics and research, include cooking all things potatoes and writing.

Programs Manager & Facilitator for Penawar

Book Reviewer at REWRITE London

Co-founder of No Readgrets Bookclub

Reviewer of books @nonfirqtion

My work has been published in Karyawan, Beyond the Hijab, REWRITE London, Growing up Perempuan, Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) and academic journals.

I’ve worked with General Assembly, Beyond The Hijab, Crit Talk, Ethos Books, Times Reads Publishing and Pansing Distribution.